About Us

Rapidia is unlocking the true potential of metal 3D printing with the fastest, simplest and most affordable way to 3D print complex and strong metal parts for prototyping and end-use applications. Recognizing that existing “office friendly” metal 3D printers still require chemical intensive and lengthy debinding processes, the Rapidia team set out to develop a system that quickly creates even the toughest or most intricate parts, is environmentally friendly and simple to use, and can be installed in a normal office.

The result is the only 3D printing system to use a water based metal paste, revolutionizing the speed, simplicity and affordability of metal 3D printing.


Our Team


Dan Gelbart - Founder

Dan is a founder of several successful Canadian companies. He co-founded Creo Inc. in 1984 and served as President and then CTO until July 2005, when Creo was sold to Kodak for $1 Billion USD. He also co-founded Kardium, a medical device company that has developed a revolutionary atrial fibrillation treatment and will soon be shipping products. Dan developed the technology which FedEx used to become the first shipping company to offer instantaneous tracking. Dan’s innovations have been documented in 125 US patents.

Dan holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Technion in Israel. He was twice awarded the British Columbia Science Council gold medal, and he has also been awarded the Institute of Printing gold medal, as well as honorary doctorates from Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia. While teaching at UBC, he created a highly regarded YouTube series about building prototypes, which is currently used by several universities.


Eric Buckley


Artem Bylinskii


Tom Curran


Liam Hodgson