The freedom to create the most complex parts

The Rapidia system allows users to print with the widest range of metals and ceramics on the market today. It’s the simplest, fastest and most affordable way to 3D print complex and strong metal and ceramic parts in only two steps.


Clean, safe, water-based

Rapidia’s water-based metal and ceramic pastes are supplied in ready to use 900mL (30oz) cartridges; there is no loose metal powder handling or mixing required. Cartridges are made of HDPE, which can be easily recycled.


Change cartridge mid-print

The Rapidia printer holds up to four cartridges, enabling users to change cartridge mid-print and get every drop out of a cartridge without disrupting the cycle.


Rapid materials changes

Quickly change from one material to another without cross-contamination. Cartridges, print heads and nozzles can be easily swapped out in a matter of minutes.




Type 17-4PH Stainless Steel

One of the most popular metals in 3D printing, offering a good combination of corrosion resistance and strength.


Inconel 625

Very high corrosion and oxidation resistance at high temperatures.

General Ceramic_TEST.jpg

General Purpose Ceramic

An inexpensive white alumina-silica ceramic, mainly for making small parts. Can be glazed in any color using a second cycle in the sintering oven.



Very hard and strong, a good thermal insulator. Can be used up to 1500°C, (2100°C for calcium-stabilised zirconia). Can only be machined by grinding after sintering, but easily machined in bisque form (sintered at 1100°C-1200°C), then fully sintered.


In Development



Valued for its electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent for heatsinks and connectors.


Type 316L Stainless Steel

Highest corrosion resistance stainless steel, popular in medical devices and the chemical industry.


Tungsten Chrome Carbide

One of the hardest materials available, ideal for wear resistant parts and cutting tools. After sintering, can only be machined by grinding.


H13 Tool Steel

Popular hot working hardenable tool steel.


Maraging Steel

One of the strongest steels available.



Ultra light and strong.



Very hard and strong ceramic. Can be used up to 1750°C. After sintering, can only be machined by grinding, but can be easily machined in bisque form before final sintering.