Rapidia’s revolutionary water-based process is the fastest, simplest and most affordable way to 3D print complex and strong metal parts in only two steps.


Straight from printer to sinter

Rapidia’s water-based metal paste is solvent-free, safe to handle and unlocks a new world of opportunities for creating complex parts. Produce most parts in under 24 hours by going straight from printer to sintering furnace, with no need to debind.


Faster parts, lower costs

Water-based metal paste eliminates the debinding step, enabling the two-stage Rapidia process to produce parts faster than other bound metal processes or laser sintering. The innovative support system cuts printing time further by avoiding the need to print a metal base plate or most metal supports, saving up to 90% of the metal normally wasted on these elements. It all adds up to significant time and cost savings, in a system 1/10th the price of a full laser sintering installation.


The capability to create the most complex parts

The Rapidia metal 3D printing system is the only system able to print parts with complex internal structures, using proprietary evaporative support technology. The unique water-based paste allows complex assemblies to be created with ease by water bonding 3D printed parts together, or by fusing 3D printed parts to machined parts.


The widest range of materials

Print with a wide range of metals and ceramics, with options for high strength, high temperature and high corrosion resistance.


The first truly office-friendly metal 3D printing system

No mess, no fumes, no electrician required. The Rapidia metal 3D printing system is water-based from start to finish, which means no solvents, odours or polymer disposal. Metal paste eliminates the industrial hazards that make metal powder difficult to use in office environments. Sized to fit through an office door, the Rapidia system plugs into the standard kitchen range power outlet found in most offices.